Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Assignment 2

Wooden Repition

Module (construction grade 2x4) into a module (cut and fashioned repeated shapes)
Using a single piece of wood and several repeated cuts, sandings, and fasteners, all a
form of module creating a module and form from modules using a new material and

Construction grade 2x4
Stain or paint
Miter Saw
Band Saw
Disc and Belt Sander
Hand Sander and Sand Paper
Nail Gun

Step 1: Plane an entire 2x4

Step 2: Cut into 24 equal sized pieces

Step 3: Cut an identical negative form out of each piece, and add the cut element to an
existing surface using glue. This step may be repeated as many times as you
would like.

Step 4: Sand individual pieces.

Step 5: Connect the individual modules.

Step 6: Stain or paint.

Due Date:
Febuary 9, 2012