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Tuesday-      9:00-11:45am 1:00-3:45pm
Wednesday- 1:00-10:00pm
Thursday-     9:00-11:45am 5:00-10:00pm

WILLSON MEMORIAL LECTURESERIESUNO Department of Art and Art History / Spring 2012

Jan 12
JULIE GREEN, mixed media artist exhibiting Last Supper in the UNO Gallery. 7:00 p.m. UNO Criss Library

Jan 14 DEATH PENALTY PANEL, in conjunction with the Last Supper exhibition, 2:00 pm UNO Gallery.

Feb 13 TIM GUTHRIE, painter and video artist, juror of the Spring Student Art Exhibition, 12:00 noon, WFAB 214

Feb 23 BROTHER WILLIAM WOEGER, Director of The Cathedral Art Project, on “Cathedral Culture”, Pearl Blizek Lecture on Art and Religion, 7:00 p.m. Location TBA

Feb 27 ERIN RILEY, Bemis Center Resident and textile artist, 12:00 Noon, UNO Art Gallery

Mar 1 KIM REID-KUHN, painter and mixed media artist, UNO Art Gallery, 7:00 p.m.

Mar 7 ERIC ZIMMERMAN, Bemis Center Resident, art writer, and mixed media artist.12:00 noon, UNO Gallery TBA

Mar 8 ROB GILMER, Photographer, Proprietor of RNG Gallery, Council Bluffs, 7:00 p.m. UNO Art Gallery

March Ceramic Artist or Fashion Illustrator Mary Mitchell, TBA, UNO Art Gallery

April 12? FLOYD PIERCE, and TIM FAY, Iowa letterpress printers, Nebraska Book Arts Center, WFAB 124 TBA

April 9 ALAN SONDHEIM, video artist. UNO Art Gallery, 12:00 noon.

April16  BFA THESIS TALKS, 12:00 noon, UNO Art Gallery

April18 BFA THESIS TALKS, 12:00 noon, UNO Art Gallery

April 23 BFA THESIS TALKS, 12:00 noon, UNO Art Gallery

April 25 BFA THESIS TALKS, 12:00 noon, UNO Art Gallery

Sculpture Lab Clean Up Policy 

The Sculpture is cleaned and maintained solely by faculty and students.  It is therefore 
imperative that we all share in the responsibilities associated with keeping the facility, safe, clean 
and well organized.  Students are granted access to the studio 24 hours a day (given that there are 
no classes in session), 7 days a week.  The following rules apply to all students using the facility. 

1. Keep the table tops clean – at the end of each class remove anything left on the table top 
regardless of whether it’s yours or not.  Dust table tops and sponge them off. 

2. Put tools away – Portable tools with cords go in the tool cabinet.  Screw drivers, pliers, 
drill bits, clamps, etc. all go in specific places.  The better organized they are the easier it 
will be to find them when you need them. 

3. Sweep the saw dust off the tools – Dust brooms are located on the red lockers.  Sweep all 
dust off the tools, from around the Miter Saw and off the panel saw.  The shop Vacuum is 
available if needed. 

4. Sweep the floors – Push, and regular, broom are located by the red lockers.  Sweep all 
dust off the floors including from under the tables. 

5. Put projects away – Store your sculptures in your locker.  If they don’t fit in the locker 
there is storage on the shelves under the tables and on top of the lockers. 

6. Do not leave work behind – If pieces sit idle for more than two weeks they will be thrown 

Note: Most of the materials we use are OK to go in the garbage can and dumpster.  Any 
electronic parts (don’t mess with these in the first place) must be disposed of according to EPA 
policy.  Any chemicals (this includes spray paint) must be disposed of in the correct manner. 

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