Thursday, March 15, 2012

Assignment 4

Designing Public Art Sculptures

This is a quick introduction to our next assignment in which you will design a sculpture intended for a specific public space or building. 

This Assignment is intended to help you explore a particular method of planning and designing a large scale project which in this case is a public sculpture. The method that we will use to design and plan your sculpture will be to use the free to download program Google Sketch Up. In this program you will use an existing space that you can download from Google. In this space you will design three different concepts for a public sculpture. From these three designs you will pick one that will be printed out and constructed as a scale model.

The first part of this assignment is due April 4th, and that is to produce three designs in Google Sketch Up.  The tutorial on how to obtain and use Google Sketch Up can be found here or in the menu bar on our class blog. Please email your three sketches to me at

These are a few examples of large scale Public Sculpture by three different artists; Richard Serra, Christo, and Claes Oldenburg. Please look them over for inspiration and I encourage you to google each to find more examples.