Thursday, April 12, 2012

Assignment 5

Form in Motion

Using the techniques found in the art form of Automata you will be creating a form that will move using a crank and simple wooden geared movements. This assignment will be broken into two assignments. The first will be to build a prototype from paper and scrap to workout your desired movement before you work in your final medium. The second half will be to complete the ideas worked out in your prototype in wood for the final piece.

I.      Paper prototype due April 26
II.    Final Automata due May 10

Materials will be discussed in class but here is a list of things commonly needed to build Automata:
Illustration Board
Wooden Dowl, under ½ inch in diameter
Thin sheet of plywood, around ¼ inch thick

Tools (tools not found in the sculpture studio):
X-acto Knife
French Curve

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